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Different Licenses For Different Levels

There are different levels of government, so it shouldn’t be surprising that some business activity may intersect with some or all of these different levels. Whether your business is doing national-level work or just focusing on serving the county, License Comply knows how to obtain licenses at every government level, including:



The majority of businesses, especially those operating in commercial properties, will require licenses and permits from the city or town of operation. Learn more about these local license requirements here.



Depending on the state and the business, some business activities may require permits or licenses from the county of operation to remain compliant with tax and legal regulations. Find out more about it here.



Most businesses will require a license from the state government to remain in good standing and stay compliant with business law. Find out what you need for your state of choice here.



Some businesses work with Federal agencies or provide services or products at the Federal level. If you need a federal license, you can find more information here.

A License For Every Business

Most businesses will fall under some common categories and require well-established and well-documented licenses to remain compliant and in good legal standing to operate. If you’d like to know more about common licenses businesses often need to consider, look at this list of 50 common licenses.

Not Sure What Licenses You Need?

If you have any specific questions or want more information about your license needs for your business, we’d be happy to talk. Contact us with your questions or comments.