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A Federal License Deserves All Your Attention

Almost all businesses will require a local or state license to operate, but for some, things get taken a step further, and national agencies are involved. If you have a business that operates in certain industries or even provides a product or service with the Federal Government as your client or customer, you may need a federal license to operate your business legally.

This May Be You

These are the industries that require some federal license to operate, regardless of which state they are located in:


Farming provides a basic resource for local, state, and even national interest, but it must also comply with federal guidelines for safety and protocol.

Alcoholic Beverages

The production and sale of alcohol are overseen by state and federal agencies, which means that a federally issued-license is required.


Because aircraft are unique vehicles that can travel anywhere and are subject to special fuel, maintenance, travel, and operational needs, a federal license is required for aviation-related businesses.

Firearms, Ammunition & Explosives

The firearms and munitions field requires enormous responsibility, and federal oversight is always necessary for businesses in related industries.

Fish & Wildlife

When it comes to natural resources such as fish, or the protection of environmental assets like indigenous species, federal agencies have regulations that require compliance from related businesses.

Commercial Fisheries

Because fishing is such an established industry and vital as a food source and economic source, federal regulations have been put in place to help govern this industry and its related businesses.

Maritime Transport

Travel by boat or ship is considerably more complex than rail or road travel. It requires specific governance for vehicles that use this medium, which is why federal agencies and regulations are in place to oversee this area.


Like fisheries, mining is one of the oldest industries in America and has well-established roots in government oversight, especially regarding environmental and operational concerns.

Nuclear Energy

Because nuclear energy is one of the most recent and potentially dangerous forms of power generation, strict government oversight and regulation is required for any associated nuclear power generation business.

Radio & Television Broadcasting

Mass media technology is extremely important to American society and has always been subject to national-level oversight. As a result, it’s no surprise that radio and television-related businesses must answer to some federal regulation and licensing to operate.

Transportation & Logistics

America is one of the few nations with its development intrinsically tied to modern transportation and logistics expansion. The federal government’s careful regulation of these areas with appropriate licenses for related businesses is a part of that success.

Don’t Take Chances

Federal regulations are often stringent, meaning falling out of compliance with regulations or failing to maintain a valid license can have severe consequences. Fines, penalties, and even the cessation of a business’ right to operate are some of the outcomes of ignoring federal license requirements.

If you want to ensure that your business remains compliant with any federal regulations or license requirements that may apply, you can come to us with your questions, and contact us here.

How long does the order process take?

We can begin today and, in some cases, have your license application filed within 24 hours (see expedited service). All regulatory agencies have different turnaround times, and some do not offer online services. LicenseComply strives to maintain the industry’s fastest turnaround times through relations with various regulatory offices.

Call 866-205-8969 and speak with one of our consultants to obtain the average turnaround time for your business.

Do I have to be present to sign the paperwork when filing for a license?

In most cases, the answer is no.

Some regulatory agencies have the ability to accept online applications but some do not. Call 866-205-8969 and speak with one of our consultants to obtain the average turn-around time for your business

Who gets counted in the business license monitoring subscription service?

Each unique license within a regulatory agency is counted as an individual service subscription. This includes licenses added at the group, sub-group, and jurisdiction.

How can I get a list of my licenses?

You can get a list of your licenses by contacting our representative directly or emailing service@licensecomply.com, assuming we have serviced the entity within that regulatory agency. The obtained list will provide the existing licenses on your account at the time of the request. LicenseComply can also research additional licenses for a small license research fee.

I filed my licenses already but I am not sure if they are active, can you help me find them?

LicenseComply has a great network and vast experience in business license research services. Please contact us to help you locate these business licenses and help you keep them in active status.

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We Can Help

There is a lot of paperwork, files, fees, administrative processes, licenses, permits, renewals, and regulations to keep track of for a business license filing. License Comply’s business filing services give you complete guidance and a checklist for everything you need to do to maintain compliant licenses.

We remove the need to scour different agency, local, county, state, and federal requirements and provide you with everything you need for your specific business to start or maintain compliance the right way. Whether opening up a simple or complicated business, you don’t have to worry about missing anything with LicenseComply as your personal licensing assistant.

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Not Sure What Licenses You Need?

The purpose of our business is to match you with the right licenses so that your business will be compliant.

If you have any specific questions or want more information about your license needs for your business, we are here to chat. Contact us today to find out more about your license requirements.