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Initial Business Filing

License Renewal

Business License Verification

Business License Research

Initial Business Filing

A crucial step in beginning a business is ensuring proper forms, applications, and fees are paid. If you’re not sure as to which licenses or permits may be required to maintain legal compliance in your chosen business area, we can help. Our business license research arm can find out everything you need at the local, county, state, and even federal levels if required.

Once you’re ready to go, we can help with the next stage of actually obtaining licenses and submitting the right applications and forms. Don’t miss a step with professional guidance for your initial business filing, whether for a Limited Liability Corporation or a Corporation.

License Renewal & Management

It’s not unusual for even a single business to have multiple licenses to keep track of with different renewal dates. License Comply can help you keep track of and renew these licenses, so you don’t fall out of compliance.

Business License Verification

With different permits, licenses, and tax registrations that must be valid and renewed at different periods, it’s important to periodically evaluate the state of various licenses. A business can’t necessarily expect an advance notification from other agencies that a license may be about to expire or has already passed. License Comply can help you stay informed about the state of your licenses.

Our license research and verification service goes to public business records for official confirmation. You can stay up to date on your licenses and expiration dates or ensure potential vendors comply with their licenses and permits.

Business License Research Package

Most businesses will require multiple permits and licenses to comply with business law. These may range from standard business licenses to permits specific to a practice, such as those needed by lawyers, personal services like hair styling, or even specific federal-level licenses for those undertaking government contracts.

Because licenses and permits usually span different government agencies and departments from the local, county, state, and even federal levels, knowing exactly which licenses are required and their renewal dates can be time-consuming. A license package lets you find every relevant license in one place, so you don’t have to worry that you may have missed something that will put you out of compliance.

Not Sure What Licenses You Need?

If you have any specific questions or want more information about your license needs for your business, we’d be happy to talk. Contact us with your questions or comments.