Can a Business License Help Protect Against Business Identity Theft


A business license can help protect against business identity theft by providing a unique identifier for the business.

Business identity theft is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes. Criminals can steal a business’s identity by gaining access to the business’s bank accounts and credit cards or by stealing sensitive company information, such as the tax identification number. Business identity theft can occur through the theft or misuse of crucial business information, falsification of business filings and records, and other related criminal activities.

Here are some steps businesses can take to prevent and detect business identity theft:

  • Regularly monitor and update your business records by creating an online account with the Secretary of State’s office.

  • Review and keep track of your business’s commercial credit report.
  • Perform periodic reviews of business records to ensure no fraudulent business entity filings have been made.
  • Keep sensitive documents and files that contain personal information in a secure location.
  • Carefully limit access to files and documents that contain personal information to only the key managers who need it.
  • Verify third-party requests for personal data to ensure they have a legitimate purpose for receiving the information.
  • Put security protocols and safeguards in place for documents that contain personal identifying information.
  • Destroy old computer disks and backup tapes.
  • Train employees on how to quickly identify and prevent business identity theft.

By taking these steps, businesses can help protect themselves against business identity theft and minimize the risk of potentially disastrous consequences.


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Business License Verification provides a service for verifying existing business documentation, licenses, and permits across all business interests. This service ensures that all necessary licenses and permits are up to date and in compliance with regulations.

License and Permit Assistance

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By utilizing LicenseComply’s services, individuals can streamline obtaining a business license and ensure compliance with all necessary regulations and requirements. This can help businesses avoid potential penalties and legal issues associated with operating without the proper licenses and permits.




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